Worth It

WOW! đŸ˜± Check out the line for the #1stJollibeeInCanada! These guys are all geared up and ready to go! Stick around for exciting updates on the warmest, jolliest reunion in town! 😊

Posted by Jollibee Canada on Thursday, December 15, 2016

The first Jollibee in Canada has opened, and I’ll finally have an answer whenever Le Hubs says “Manitoba? What’s in Manitoba?”  I really, really thought Toronto had dibs, but I was wrong. You go, Winnipeg.

I can see why they’d brave the cold just to have Chicken Joy. Anything that reminds you of home is always worth lining up for. Do I know anyone from Manitoba? Can I please have a care package of nothing but Peach Mango Pie?

Did Michael Finally Learn to Rock?

Dear Elly G,

I laughed because this time you included the lyrics, so I don’t get to say #anodaw. How thoughtful of you! You are the sweetest.  Reading the lyrics made it seem better as prose than as a song. Maybe it was just a shade too slow for me. It gives Michael Learns To Rock a run for its money. Is Enemy by Angel Olsen your song of defiance for Salo Who Must Not Be Mon-ed?

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Glass Houses


Manny Pacquiao dug himself a big old hole last week when he cited his own beliefs. (To say he cited them very badly is the understatement of the year.) The backlash was swift, one of his major sponsors dropped him like a hot potato, and he issued an apology for saying what he said. He really should’ve phrased things with more tact, but we all know Manny is at his most eloquent when he uses his fists and nothing else.

I do not understand why people were surprised. All the gasping, the shock, the vitriol, the clutching of the rosary beads. The Philippines is a nation that reviles its government for pushing birth control on the citizenry because it’s “against God’s will.” If we’re really going to front like everyone in our country is a progressive liberal, we are deluding ourselves.

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Learning Is Fun with Seth Meyers

I will now ensure I use “Amazon package” and “empty subway car” in a sentence, at least once a week.