So Much for Being With Her

So Much for Being With Her

The tribe has spoken, and America has said “You’re hired!” to Donald Trump. Yes. The Donald is America’s 45th president. If you’d told me that one day, the guy whose main function was to look constipated and fire people on The Apprentice  would become President of the United States of America, I would have laughed you into oblivion.  But no. He won. He actually won not just by the skin of his teeth, but by a margin wide enough to make America’s wishes clear. I was expecting a repeat of the hotly contested Philippine Vice-Presidential race, but Hillary Clinton conceded and there will be no calls for a recount. It’s the American Dream come true: anyone can be president!

Verbal diarrhea ensues

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

The tribe has spoken. Rodrigo Duterte is President-elect of the Philippines. To the world, this choice looks like a decision made by a lunatic – we picked a man who made light of rape, insulted the Pope and ran on a platform ripped from the violent rulebook of the Queen of Hearts: Off With Their Heads! (In Six Months or Bust).

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Dear John

I have the same sort of disbelief at Drumpf and his antics. What on earth is America thinking? But I don’t live in America the Beautiful and John Oliver hasn’t lived in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. You live, you learn (thanks, Alanis!) Here’s my favourite late night host, letting ‘er rip.



#RP69fanfic is Pinoy ingenuity at its best. Not the spin-off everyone expected after the 2016 elections, but it’s a beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy. Not safe for work. Not safe for life. Not safe, ever.

Trust No One: 05062010

Six years ago, yellow ruled the world. Like I said, things seem really different now. Reblogged from 2010. Original here.

Another long weekend to enjoy. It’s supposed to be a weekend with a purpose – the working class have all been (very kindly) given one day off to decide who will lead our country and occupy upper echelons of the republic for the next few years.

And, I’m not voting.

Upon hearing this, my good friend and colleague Charity B. summarily stripped me of every right to complain. “You’re not voting? Then don’t complain about anything in the government.” She’s from Manila. Everyone in that city complains.
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Impressions from the Internet


I don’t think change is coming. I think change is already here. For years, it felt like Panem – everything important was decided by the people in the Capitol while the Districts had no say in the matter.

Gone is the air of resignation whenever the presidential elections came around. It was never about the best candidate winning; we all accepted that the decision was in the hands of whomever the masa would vote for (remember Erap?). They were always easy to win over. Grease a few palms, make a few promises, sing a few songs. Winning was easy. It didn’t matter what the rest of us had to say about it.

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