About Me

Reach for the stars

In my dreams, I pace around my apartment in a flowered bathrobe, pink curlers in my hair, a full face of makeup, holding a cigarette between my long, slim, beautifully manicured fingers. (In my dreams, I am Cherie Gil.) I pause, take a deep drag and exhale… then turn to my keyboard and type away, my great novel coming to life, lipstick-stained cigarette dangling glamorously from my lips, face wreathed in smoke.

And then I wake up.

The truth is, I don’t own a bathrobe, my hair is almost always pin straight, I don’t smoke and my fingers are nowhere near my dream version of myself. But I do know this: my goal is to write yaya porn – an English version of the Precious Heart Romance books that yayas (nursemaid) love to pore over. If I could write for Precious Heart Romance, even once, that would be insanely thrilling.

I live in Toronto by way of the Philippines, which is a giant leap to make, but one that was done for love. That is how a product of the tropical islands has found herself in a mostly land-locked country of mountains, lakes, and permafrost. So. Much. Winter. Oh love, thou muse of the regrettably insane, the lengths thou hast driven thy most ardent followers to!

I have been emotionally scarred by an otap vendor, reserve my energies for tennis, good 90’s boybands, and I am fairly unapologetic about my predilection for Top 40 and trashy romance novels. I worship at the altar of carbs – I really should stop – and if you find a way to send Jollibee peach mango pie to me whenever I’m feeling down, I will be your friend forever.

At present I’m working on my first novel. It’s tentatively called “I Will Reveal the Title in Due Time, Please Don’t Hate Me for My Belief in the Concept of Pre-emption.” I know, I know.  It’s just a tad too long. I promise I will work on it!

You can reach me at iamsavingforbotox [at] gmail [dot] com / @nikkajow on Twitter. Sometimes parts of this blog make their way into the Dumaguete Metropost, my little hometown’s leading weekly.