Reach for the stars

Welcome to Saving for Botox! Here, I age disgracefully with the help of  Random YouTube K-holes, movie-mania, food, travel, dreams, books, music, TV shows and other miscellaneous ephemera; I may also mention the nineties a lot because it’s the decade where I was simultaneously the happiest, and the most tortured.

Quick about-me lightning round: I live in Toronto London, ON, I have been emotionally scarred by an otap vendor, reserve my energies for tennis and good 90’s boybands, and am fairly unapologetic about my predilection for Top 40 and trashy romance novels. I worship at the altar of carbs – I really should stop – and if you find a way to send Jollibee peach mango pie to me whenever I’m feeling down, I will be your friend forever.

You can reach me at iamsavingforbotox [at] gmail [dot] com / @nikkajow on Twitter. Sometimes parts of this blog make their way into the Dumaguete Metropost, my little hometown’s leading weekly.