Did Michael Finally Learn to Rock?

Dear Elly G,

I laughed because this time you included the lyrics, so I don’t get to say #anodaw. How thoughtful of you! You are the sweetest.  Reading the lyrics made it seem better as prose than as a song. Maybe it was just a shade too slow for me. It gives Michael Learns To Rock a run for its money. Is Enemy by Angel Olsen your song of defiance for Salo Who Must Not Be Mon-ed?

What song would you choose for your romance of 2014? Your anecdote about dying inside everytime the cute world-traveler laughed at your jokes and squeezed your shoulder made me giggle because I can actually see you doing this. What is happening to you uy. Have some sex fun, don’t be so hard-up for it in a city with so many choices. Just because AIDS (dun dun dunnnnn!) is a very real factor doesn’t mean you give up on it altogether.

Because of an episode of Glee, I decided to give Tapestry, the landmark 1971 Carole King album, a listen on Spotify. They did an episode where they mashed up Tapestry with Jagged Little Pill, just because. I don’t really remember why they were mashing up two completely different albums – the final season of Glee is full of bullshit excuses for the cast to break out into song, and they were probably running out of ideas – but oh well.

Carole King is widely acknowledged as a talented songwriter. Did you know she wrote (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman? I didn’t. I wonder if she was the Taylor Swift of her era. Purists may tell me to slap myself for even mentioning T. Swift in the same sentence as the wonderful Miss King. I remember my mother saying Carole King was one of her favorite music artistes. I already knew You’ve Got a Friend and It’s Too Late, but I like the melancholy of So Far Away and the wistfulness of Will You Love Me Tomorrow, even if it’s as slow as something by MLTR.

This is the second time I have mentioned Michael Learns to Rock today. Is it time for a… gasp… retrospective? Quick, hold my headphones while I touch base with I. Q.  to see if she still has that copy of Song Hitz she used to bring to class. She was the one singing 25 Minutes in home ec before Miss A would come in.

Pabigyan, I am a vat of bubbling hormones right now, which is probably why I like this album. I might revisit Jagged Little Pill just to round out the experience, but not today.

I remember borrowing your (?) cassette tape of Jagged Little Pill and being happy the album art came with lyrics. At least I think it did. Did it? All I know is I didn’t have to sit right next to the boombox and press my ear as close to the speakers as possible just to see what she was singing.

Rocking hearing loss since 1995,

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