The Best Values are Addams Family Values

Today being October the 31st, I rewatched Addams Family Values because I wanted to do a Debbie Jellinsky appreciation post. I ended up appreciating the whole movie instead. I couldn’t help it. I loved it then, and I love it now, and really, how could you not?

They know what they like (and say it) –

They know what they don’t like (and say it).

They face disappointment (like a dead, fully baked stripper in a cake) –

And move on with grace and humour.

They never lose sight of who they are –

And revel in it;

They sympathize…

… but not excessively,

and they’re honest.

Maybe a little too honest.

We could do worse than emulate the Addams Family and their values. Addams Family Values is a theatrical gem of the highest caliber. It’s also a searing treatise on societal norms, but that’s a post for another day. Happy Halloween, trick-or-treaters!

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