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Have you ever been to a Costco on a weekend? The whole world and their mother is there and finding parking gets pretty intense. I remember witnessing some guy scream “It’s not always about you!” at a wildly gesticulating, non-English speaking couple who were mad at him for taking what they thought was their spot (note: it wasn’t). I get it, we all just want to go in and stock up on toilet paper, but that was nothing compared to this woman who went all Danny Trejo in Machete Kills over a parking spot. A parking spot. In Costco. Can we all just agree to be nice to each other at Costco from here on out, on the off chance some of us are packing heat in the trunk?  – CBC

Then again, maybe that woman just lacked sleep. We all get crabby when we’re short on sleep, and the temptation to wave sharp objects around gets even stronger the less sleep we have. I know I don’t have the best of tempers when I’m tired, and this is an interesting read on how to fall asleep in less than two minutes – Inc

I’m adding the term “illusory superiority” to my phrasebook now – The Guardian

Also, I seem to have married an anomaly. Le Hubs is one of those people who haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame and doesn’t care if he ever does, one way or another. I think it’s got something to do with his disdain for all things Disney, especially now that it owns all the major franchises and Pixar. Disney is clearly the Buy n Large of the entertainment world, but I was raised on a diet of Disney movies and sing-alongs so I can’t hate it. Not that much anyway. That said, I think Endgame was kind of it for me. Iron Man was what, 2008? I don’t see myself still hankering after all these superheroes ten years from now when I hit that  menopausal rough patch. Not that I’m going to be their target audience, anyway – Rolling Stone

Speaking of target audience, I’m still one of those crazy ride-or-die Thronies just seeing the whole show out to the end. I know, I wanted to do a recap after watching each episode but that didn’t work out, so I’ll just share Ramin Djawadi’s fantastic score for Episode Three. It’s like the Sept of Baelor meets Westworld, and it’s crazy good – YouTube


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