Finally, Part Deux (Ex Machina)

Dear Elly G,

Now where was I? Oh yes.

I was beginning to despair. I thought the whole weekend would be a literal wash, because it rained the whole of Thursday and it looked like the sun had dropped the mic and walked out on the whole program altogether. But a little redhead once said the sun would come out tomorrow, and it did, bless that little orphan’s heart. I’m glad it did; we wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the beauty of the Georgian Bay peninsula as much if it hadn’t.

So the second biggest reason A and I went north was to check out Flowerpot Island and the shipwrecks of Tobermory. I had plans to tour the island, but didn’t plan things properly on purpose – the weather was unpredictable and I didn’t know if it would rain. By the time we went to get tickets the island walk-on tours were all booked up and we settled for the non-walk-on tour instead. It wasn’t too bad. I did have a giggle, because their carved statue of a fisherman reminded me of penis.

Did someone say bris?

I know, I know. I’m twelve.


The clarity of the Georgian Bay has suckered many a sailor into running aground, wrecking their ships on the sharp shoals (say that three times fast!) of the peninsula. The waters make a depth of twenty feet look like mere inches from the surface, which is why viewing the shipwrecks of Tobermory is a big sell. The bay is a boneyard of ships.  We took a glass bottomed boat, which I was looking forward to, because I thought the entire hull would be made of glass:


But I suppose that would’ve been structurally unsound, or something. Because what we got instead was a window that some asshole of a child kept standing on, blocking the view from the paying adults.

Child-free (not for long!)

If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t do the boat tour on a weekend, because there’s always people. But it was worth it. It was hard taking pictures when everyone was crowding and I didn’t want to drop my stuff in the water, but the view over the side was pretty spectacular, which made up for not really getting to enjoy the glass “bottom” of the boat.

I know, already posted it on Facebook. But sharing, because I’ve never seen a shipwreck and this one is just sitting there, going “Oh hai…”

Then it was on to Flowerpot Island. The two “flowerpots” that give the island its name are sea stacks formed by erosion, but the Ojibwe say they were once two lovers from opposing tribes. The two were escaping by canoe, pursued by the girl’s brothers, who were against the match. They decided to land on the shores of an island sacred to the gods, where no one had ever returned. As the canoe touched its shore, there was a bright flash of lightning and the waves were whipped into a wild frenzy… when the water settled, the girl’s brothers saw that the two had been changed into pillars of limestone.

Forget science, I’ll take myths and legends any day.

A said he wants to go back in the fall, rent a cabin, get all outdoorsy and stuff. I want to go back a little earlier because they allow snorkelers and scuba divers to explore some of the shipwrecks, and you don’t graduate from SUHS without learning to swim. You know I’ll be humming Part of Your World in my head as I snorkel.

I think I’m finally done,


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