Shedding it All Over

Nothing like a throwback slow jam to prove that musically (and otherwise), the 90’s was the best decade to grow up in. Everyone was either in love, making love or wanting to be in love and not afraid to embrace the cheesemax. Represent, Bruno Mars!

Dear John

I have the same sort of disbelief at Drumpf and his antics. What on earth is America thinking? But I don’t live in America the Beautiful and John Oliver hasn’t lived in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. You live, you learn (thanks, Alanis!) Here’s my favourite late night host, letting ‘er rip.

The Ballad of a New Millennium

Weird Al, staying current as always.

Learning Is Fun with Seth Meyers

I will now ensure I use “Amazon package” and “empty subway car” in a sentence, at least once a week.